Saturday, 25 March 2017

For the Love of the Con

To drown my sorrows of not going to Comic Con this year, I thought I’d take a trip down the memory lane of conventions past…

It all started in 2015 with a tumblr gif set announcing Billie Piper (!!) was coming to Adelaide for Comic Con and my discovering it wouldn’t leave me completely broke to go to see her. It was actually during a really stressful period of study, so it was perfect timing for an escape. Amy, James and I waited in line two and a half hours for BP’s autograph, which (at the risk of sounding like a complete fangirl, which really I am) was totally, unquestionably worth it. During the brief signing and lightning fast photo session, she really made you feel like she was happy to be there and she took the time for everyone. It’s such a lovely feeling to meet someone you’re a fan of and have them be so sweet in real life.
We also got to meet and greet the one and only Michael Shanks (aka Daniel Jackson) and listen to various actors talk on panels (Billy Boyd was a highlight). The array of stalls filled with geeky stuff, good food, nice guests and fun panels made the experience one the three of us were super keen to repeat.
And so begun my love of conventions.

The following year, Amy and I cosplayed as Hufflepuff students, as you do, and met Xena, also known as Lucy Lawless. We had a lot of lovely compliments on our cosplay, which delighted and surprised both of us. Karl Urban and John Rhys-Davies were panel highlights.

Then in November (too warm for cosplay), we attended Supanova for the first time. It was much bigger than I expected. While there were aspects that made me feel that Comic Con is the better of the cons, Supanova was a lot of fun.
As big Charmed fans, it was a thrill for Amy and I to see Holly Marie Combs but the highlight of the con was meeting and listening to Nathan Fillion. His panel was one of the best of all the cons and he was just really lovely, one of those people that you feel more of a fan of after meeting than you were before.
And now I’ll go back to counting down the days til Supanova…
Three things we learnt at the first con that we’ve been paying heed to ever since…

1. Don’t give up perfectly good seats hoping to get better, it’s not worth it & could backfire (Let’s not talk about the Billie Piper panel).
2. It is worth spending more on autographs/photos, rather than worrying about having enough for cool fan stuff. The experience is worth more than the items.
3. Getting there an hour before it opens is worth it (especially if you haven’t pre-ordered tokens).

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Book Series | Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura is one of my favourite manga and anime series. Cardcaptors, as I knew it originally, follows the story of Sakura after she accidently breaks the seal on The Clow, releasing a set of magical cards that all wreak chaos on the world until she can recapture them. Sakura is helped by Kero, the guardian of the Clow who give loves eating and making sassy remarks, her friend Tomoyo, who provides the appropriate costumes and moviemaking services and rival Syaoran, who arrives to take on the task of recapturing the cards himself.

The series is a lot of fun. I loved watching and reading it as a kid and still love it as much today! It’s a fun, magical girl adventure. It’s humorous, light and cute. I love Sakura as a character because she’s always so optimistic and tries her hardest no matter what. There are two arcs to Sakura’s story, the first is the best but the second definitely doesn’t disappoint.
And there is a third arc on the way, which I’m quite excited about, hopefully it’s as good as the other two!

But in the meantime, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle features an alternative world Sakura and Syaoran and is also amazing.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Quote | I'm already wise enough

....maybe not quite.
Uni started this week and I’m slowly (but surely) remembering how to do things.

Also, Adelaide Writers’ Week started yesterday! Ugh, so happy! I wish I could spend all week sitting in the shade listening to authors talk but, alas, uni calls.

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