Friday, 6 January 2017

2016 // 2017

2016 // an adventurous year 

Thinking back to the beginning of last year, it feels like forever ago. 2016 was a year of adventure: living in the city during semester, starting a new uni course (on campus this time) and, in the dying days of the year, starting a novel project and dedicating time to blog writing. Just as Bilbo (my 2016 spirit animal) grew from his adventure, so I did from mine. By the end of the second semester I was finally use to living in the city and had figured out a schedule that worked for me. 

I didn’t do as much fiction writing as I’d have liked, but I did make a marked improvement on my academic skills, which is handy since I have at least two and a half more years of needing them. 

Overall, it was a good year that challenged me in lots of ways and I met those challenges better than I expected. 

2017 // a productive year 

My hopes and goals for 2017 aren’t very specific, as I’m not making a year list this year (I’m going for shorter term lists, one for the summer, then semester one, and so on…) but I do want to do more this year. Because of my plans to study abroad in 2018 (!!), I’ll be taking three subjects instead of four each semester, giving me a bit more free time (until I finally manage to get some casual work…). I also feel, entering my third year of uni (second in this course), I’ve finally got a method that works for me and will allow me space for personal projects.

I want to write more this year, that’s my main goal. Everything else, other than writing and study, needs to be for fun. I want to continue to remember to enjoy what I’m doing and not add additional, unnecessary stress to my life. 

I’m looking forward to what the year will bring for me. I hope it brings good challenges and adventures for you, too!!

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  1. sounds like a good plan - you're going to do amazing!


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