Friday, 10 February 2017

Bits and Bobs #2

ORGANISE | my greatest accomplishment of the summer holidays was to go through my room, sorting all the papers and odds and ends that have been cramming all available space in my room for, no joke, years. I love to be organised but am also hopelessly sentimental, so it was a difficult but super rewarding process. Now I know everything I have and it’s all neatly stored. I’m still kind of amazed I’ve finally done it!

WRITE | other than drafting a lot of blog posts (yay!), I actually wrote two short stories! Currently polishing one up for a competition. Feels good to be complete a writing project.

READ | reading Jane Eyre and loving it as much as I hoped. Also, really looking forward to sneaking in another Series of Unfortunate Events before I continue uni reading. After the fourth book I’ll have finished my reread and be on to the books I never got to.

WATCH | we started making our way through old Jackie Chan movies (Police Story, Project A, etc.) on New Year’s Eve and I’m loving them, so much fun. Also just finished the Great British Bake Off and currently, shamelessly, watching MKR.

GET | an accidental (but glorious) Sailor Moor theme in this category. Adam (my Secret Santa) got me this super cute Sailor Moon figure for Christmas and I bought myself a Luna backpack/handbag.

CRAFT | current project is finishing a floral shirt that I’d half sewn. I’d completely forgotten about it until mum found it with other half-done projects. Aiming to get it done before the holidays end. I’ve also been making lots of pompoms and have made a garland that shall adorn my dorm room.

ETC. | current focus is doing lots of bits and bobs to prepare for moving back to the city and starting uni again. Thankfully, I’ve managed to be quite productive this week, getting jobs done that I’ve been avoiding.
Next week is packing!

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  1. well done getting organised - I'm going to miss you when you head back though!


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