Sunday, 23 April 2017

Adele | live in Concert

Seeing Adele live in concert was as amazing as you’d imagine. My sisters, mum and I went to see Adele when she came to Adelaide, back in March. The atmosphere that welled up in the cavernous space of the Adelaide Oval was really something, especially when Adele begun singing the first notes of Hello, still veiled behind the giant curtain, and the audience went crazy.

It always takes a few songs for my ears to adjust to the vibrating loudness of concerts, but even with that the first song of the concert was spine-tingling. Hello is one of my favourite songs and was a perfect opening. Other highlights were hearing Water Under The Bridge and Set Fire To The Rain, both sounded incredible live.
And then there was perhaps my favourite part of concerts, the banter. Adele is hilarious. I’d have happily just listened to her stories all night, but then again you wouldn’t want to miss hearing her vocals in that atmosphere. In any atmosphere, really. She’s also so warm and down to earth. I’m even more of a fan after seeing her live than I was before.

It was such a great night out, singing along, laughing and dancing with the girls. I love that it’s a side effect of going to concerts that afterward, when you listen to the CD, the memories of that live rendition and that night echo in your head and make the music that bit more special.

(And yes, I collected the confetti!)

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