Monday, 29 May 2017

Bits and Bobs #4

READ | I finished all my semester one reading a few weeks ago and am currently making snail-paced progress on the first of my semester two books, The Sign of Four by Arthur Conan Doyle (because I’m busy with study not because it’s a terrible book, because it isn’t). I’m hoping to get a couple of non-study books read in the next month or so, that’s be so nice.

WRITE | essays, essays, essays. The pointy end of the semester is here and I’ve got two major essays to write, both due in about a week. After that I’ve got a luxurious two weeks for next and final essay of the semester. I like doing essays, but it’s pretty stressful at the moment.

WATCH | EUROVISION!! Eurovision 2017 was amazing. The hosts were a bit awkward (three white guys was an interesting choice when your motto is ‘celebrate diversity’), but I kind of grew to love them. Bulgaria and the UK were my favourites, but I’m so happy a lovely, non-English language song won. Yay for Portugal!

Also, watching the current season of Doctor Who and it’s amazing! So sad Twelve and Bill are only going to be together for one season because I think this is Twelve’s best and one of my favourite seasons ever, actually. It just feels like the old, fun Doctor Who before it started getting a bit too ploty.

GO | Finally went on a pub crawl and it was actually a lot of fun, much to my surprise! I’m now a proper college kid, haha.

While I have not really been going anywhere, my brother’s went to Japan for a month and brought me back some lovely things. It’s so much fun when family goes away and you can follow along on their adventures! You can check their trip out here & here.

And now my lil sis is over in Europe now! Follow her adventures here (she’s a pretty great photographer).

 ETC. | Despite feeling like it’s all been study, study, study lately, I’ve actually had a number of lovely weekends this past month – home alone with just my lil sis and pooch one weekend, a shopping weekend with my Dad and lil sis, Mother’s day weekend with Eurovision, baking and helping around the house/business.

So, really it’s been a lovely little while. Can’t wait til these two essays are done and handed up, though. xo

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  1. well done with your reading & good luck with the essays - I know you can do it!


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