Saturday, 12 August 2017

The Art Gallery of South Australia | what studying Art History is really about

The Art Gallery is one of my favourite places to visit, even more so since studying Art History. Art History has given me a curiosity and openness about looking at the possible meanings in art and how that meaning is made through colour, style, medium, etc., regardless of whether I like it or not.

The great thing about studying Art History (studying English is much the same) is it teaches you and gives you the confidence to engage with art. It’s not about over analysing or saying an artist (or writer) was completely conscious of the array of meanings to be found in their work. It’s about learning to interrupt the ways, as humans, we create meaning and how the ideas and ideals of a time are reflected within art and literature.

One of my lecturers warned learning to analyse and think more critically about art and literature can interrupt your ability to just simply enjoy things until you reach a stage when you can enjoy and analyse simultaneously. Luckily I haven’t found it a problem so far, mostly it’s just made me much more curious.

And now I go to the gallery, not just for the atmosphere and architecture but actually for the art.

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