Friday, 29 December 2017

Art Gallery of South Australia | PabloSebastianX

PabloSebastianX at the gallery was such a wonderful exhibition (it sadly closed earlier this month) and, being free-entry, I went numerous times to admire it. It featured the designs of South Australian couture designer Paul Vasileff situated among the gallery’s semi-permanent collection.

It was really wonderfully positioned throughout the gallery and I loved how they set-up the dresses in different rooms with different props that reflected the collection and interacted with the surrounding art in interesting ways.

And that’s what I loved most about this exhibition and something I really took in when I visited it for the last time: the contrast of the contemporary, romantic and otherworldly dresses with art that spanned across centuries and artistic movements and how it made me look at the dresses and art again, in a new light.

It made the whole thing more beautiful, engaging and inspiring.

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