Friday, 16 February 2018

Currently (re)reading…The Eyre Affair

I started Wuthering Heights the other week and, although I really want to read it, I was having trouble getting into it and thought maybe I needed something a bit easier to read and a bit more fun for while I’m using all my brainpower on a major writing project.

Since I’d been meaning to reread The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde since I read Jane Eyre and my sister own a copy, I decided it was a perfect place to start. I’d read it before so I knew it would be great fun.
The Thursday Next books are full of bookish, literary outrageousness. Like Terry Pratchett plays and parodies our world in the Discworld, Fforde brings the world of books (and their characters) to life in unique, entertaining, humorous fashion.

It’s interesting rereading a book I haven’t read for a decade, I thought I remembered it perfectly well but there’s so much I didn’t remember, which makes it almost like reading it for the first time. There’s things I thought featured more that are less prominent and plot points I completely forgot about.
It’s just so much fun!

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