Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Adelaide Writers’ Week 2018

I absolutely love Writers’ Week, I always feel inspired and motivated to be productive after listening to the various author talks.

This year I volunteered at the event, assisting at the stages, signing table and keeping the plants alive. I really enjoyed getting more involved. 
But even with the volunteering keeping me busy, I managed to catch a fair few of the talks and got some ideas about the writing process to take with me as I continue along the very long road of novel writing.
Here they are:
  • put your first draft aside for a month (or more) to let yourself come back to it fresh 
  • make the story as good as you can before giving it to readers so you don’t waste their valuable first impression 
  • it’s okay if it takes several reworkings to get the story to place you’re happy with (and it might even become something totally different than you originally planned)
  • historical facts are not the be all and end all, creating a sense of the time and place is more important 

Those are just a few things that have really stuck with me. If you want to read more about my thoughts on the 2018 Writers’ Week, I was asked by the Adelaide Uni Literature club to write about my experience, so you can read about that here!

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